Crescent Waltz

Avatar Author: Jim Donnelly I am a troubled, turbulent being who has taken three centuries of neglect and obloquy. But finally after an epoch long struggle I know all the answers. Read Bio

On the darkly stage, the band practised. The saxophone sputtered and spat and eventually spoke a slow waltz. On the empty space, that when the palais was full would be the dancing floor, the couple held each other close. Slowly they began to react to the pulse of the music. In the gloomy blackness it was hard to tell, but she wore her normal delicate long white linen and he a pseudo military outfit, the band were dressed inseparably. They swirled within circles around the square of the dance floor. Across the stained glass of the high windows lightening flashed, casting rich glows around the pirouetting pair. As the band slowly increased the tortuous tempo it became clear that she could no longer keep the time.

A crimson crescent appeared at her waist mingling against his fingers and the dripping blood from his shoulder. As the melody climaxed so the dancing couple collapsed at the ultimate swirl he whispered in her ear, she kissed his lips. The music ceased.

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  1. Avatar Malcolm Ramsay

    That’s nice, Jim- some beautiful phrasemaking; I do like the “darkly stage” and the “swirled within circles” portion really puts the sensation of dance across. Top stuff!

  2. Avatar Jim Donnelly

    Thank you Malcolm. I shall now write a prequel and probably a sequel.

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