Big Brother is Apathetic

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Parking lots are stuffed with cameras. Pockets hide high quality microphones. And, of course, everything is connected to a server.
A motivated and skilled Legion of people wouldn’t take too much effort to view, record and catalog the minutia of daily life in stunning high definition. Imagine all aspects of humanity framed for for viewing by anyone with enough courage to ask. Employers can know their workers activities at any hour. Parents can know when their child tries their first drug. Murders can be indexed for the research of autopsy pathologists. This is the kind of database that such a Legion has the power to create.
Consider the statistics that could be derived from that database. All the people whose mind could be eased by knowing just how broad a spectrum normal truly is. You like to search for midget transvestites? So do 4,000 others. You stole an Ipod? It happens 8 times a day. You date-raped your girlfriend… you get the idea. Man finally learned what God knew all along; Omniscience is boring.

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  1. Avatar Paradox

    Very intriguing! Well done. Begs for a sequel or even a prequel for explanation. Very 1984 feel to it. Keep going!

  2. Avatar Reaver19

    Ever see the movie EQUILIBRIUM? check it out. This story has some similarities to it. good first entry buddy. welcome!

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