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A minimalist chef with a fondness for cyberpunk. All my stories share the same world.


  1. Intentions and Consequences

    India once had the second highest population and the highest population density of any country. Our largest natural resource was pure human potential. If only the world knew how many of the United State’s PhD’s used to be awarded to a proud...

  2. What do you give someone who has nothing?

    Roger pushed aside the dingy rag that was his door “You’re home! Did the baker remember anything?” He sighed and said “Yeah, he was really nice about it. It took him a few tries but he eventually got it. Even had some juices so...

  3. Grandma's Ramblings

    I lost my sight on my 23rd birthday. It was early in the morning and I wasn’t sleeping well. Not because I was excited for my party (my boyfriend was flying in and we’d finally be first face to face) but at that time I never did sleep well....

  4. After Dinner Mint

    The meetings are scheduled no less then a month in advance to accommodate the participants itineraries. Never for later the same day. The group usually meet for two hours as they thoroughly discussed points relating to their eclectic nature. Now the pa...

  5. United We Fall

    In a New York hotel suite, late at night a United Nations ambassador sleeps. The only sound is the winds clashing with the skyscraper which is joined by a phone ring. The ambassador stirs and answers it. “Hello?” “Ambassador, Pack you...

  6. The Fountain of Controversy

    Thank you for joining us. My guest today is Olivia Musser, CEO of Sandlot Ventures. Welcome to the show Mrs, Musser. The pleasure is mine Laurie. This week your company announced a new breakthrough. Something people are calling ‘the fountain of y...

  7. Big Brother is Apathetic (Mature)

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