Return of the Zombots

Avatar Author: Spageti Hail, good sir, or madame (I musn't forget the *superior* sex! ;-] ). My name is Spageti. Good to make your acquaintance. I was born leagues away in a quaint place Christianed as Hamptonshire. My pappy was a writer of ye ... Read Bio

Shit man, SHIT! It was the government, man! They’re the ones that made the zombots! It’s all been a fucking conspiracy! A big fucking conspiracy man! Remember Roswell? You bet your shitty, fucking, salty Albanian balls do fucking do! That was when we made first contact with the cunts! Came down in their fucking corpse ship literally made of the corpses of older zombots and their circuits, and their wires, and their splintered bones, and all their other fucked up shit and literally invaded our asses. Our only fucking hope? It was the water supply. The government had to pour a shit-ton, I mean a shit-ton, of positrons into every water reservoir across the nation just so we’d have A FUCKING CHANCE AT SURVIVING THE ONSLAUGHT!!! And we did. Thing is, though, the government didn’t think that eradicating the zombots was a good idea. They fucking kept them. Do you fucking hear me talking? KEPT THEM in a freezer in the Arizona desert to use on all of us with no fucking warning! No fucking warning…

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  1. Avatar Shorty

    “literally invaded our asses”

    Indeed, sir.

  2. Toonrmicon Robotech_Master

    Funny. A little foul-mouthed, but still, funny.

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Nothing fucking matters anymore. You? Me? Hell, no. This house, your wife, your kids? Fuck, no. They’re fucking dead, man, and I’...


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