Diary of sleepless nights

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10/10/12 The madness; today my eyes burn what will I do?
10/25/12 The loss of interest; day 15 no sleep can’t sleep who cares fuck it!
11/8/12 Paranoia; I can’t stop looking out my window, they are coming to get me, all I hear is the sound of their voices, they won’t stop, LEAVE ME ALONE!
1/13/13 past the point of returning; No more paper, need to wipe my ass, fuck it , flush it down hope someone will save me, hope it doesn’t tear my asshole.

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  1. Avatar The Fantastic Mister Fish

    i’m not sure what the meaning of this is, but i related and then i laughed.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    haha, the apocalypse boils down to paranoia and toilet paper.

  3. Avatar Sage Autumn

    …haha! I think I was sleep writing…maybe too much coffee haha!

  4. Avatar Sage Autumn

    @ Elsha I couldn’t agree more!
    @ Mr. Fish, I just don’t know what to say HAHA HA! I laugh because, I just can’t believe I wrote this…apparently I did haha! I remember writing it, but NO CLUE where the idea sparked up to do so, perhaps too many zombie movies before bed!

  5. Avatar 32 ^2

    @ Sage, I wrote like this a lot when I took Ambien. I wasn’t sleeping, I was sleep-everything, including writing. No more Ambien for me.

    This piece rally chaps my hide.

  6. Avatar Sage Autumn

    @ 32 ^2 HAHAHA! RIGHT!

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