Eaten Alive

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Tonight I dine on destiny
but on the back of a tired worn out firefly
she pushes on in the night
no rest no sight
we enter a zone of haste

The bugs all about
as if to feast on the stars
yet they shine on
for god knows how long

destiny is calling
as I turn my head and smile
in a quick swoop we go vertigo
falling endlessly

darkness is everywhere
smells of rotting flesh and putrid sewage
I hear a croaking of an old creek toad
muffled and now I know
My fate-sealed
I have been eaten alive

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  1. Avatar In Night's Arms

    the change of perspective confuses me. Other then that, this is a well executed idea.

  2. Avatar Sage Autumn

    wow, i don’t remember writing this, must have been the Vicodin for my tooth talking haha I will see how I can fix it…

  3. Avatar Sage Autumn

    :) fixed it now :) haha lmk