Chthonic Creatures

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Her breath was heavy and her heart pounded. As she sprinted she could hear the faint presence of the bodies behind her, their voices hissing angrily, “You can’t escape,girl!” She suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. The voices sang in uneven unison. Her hand flew to the blood-stained knife in her left pocket. She could feel the blood moons waning in the sky. The wind that blew green instead of white. She stared at the creatures for awhile, eyes crazy.

She was eager to kill, but for the first time she didn’t know what to do. Suddenly her eyes swam with yellow and her ears rang with the dog whistle screams. Before she even realized what she’d been doing she sprinted towards the beasts with such a burning intensity, that when she stabbed the knife into the creature’s throat she could hear the tendons snap and quiver.

She stabbed, again and again. With a hysterical angry cry of a voice she barely recognized.

She was disoriented, as she sobbed eardrum crushing sobs, swearing at the monster turning into dust.

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  1. Avatar Emmalene Elizabeth

    Wow! What a nightmare! As I read this I could absolutely imagine the girl and her attackers. Is this some kind of nightmare the girl is having? What’s wrong with her? By the way, we have the same name! Anyway, I loved this piece and hope you add a sequel!