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I am 15-years-old and I have been writing since I was a little girl. When I was younger my stories were beaming with the spark of imagination but as I got older it has slowly faded. Now I am trying to ignite that fire once more, bring back my stories. :)


  1. Bellezza Nascosta's Beauty Inside

    Belle Nascosta, so sweet, so smart, so funny, so neat. Belle Nascosta, so lonely, so shy. Belle Nascosta, hears truth, sees lies. Belle Nascosta, ashamed, feeling ugly inside. Asking her mama, why her beauty was offside. Mama, knowing best, smiled and ...

  2. Sun Water

    Breath be fast, breath be gentle. Wind be cold, wind be loud. Rage be burst, mind be mental. Suffering be in thunderous sound. Heart be locked, the broken key. Let me go, set me free. Open the shears, let sunlight shine here. Can’t you feel it? T...

  3. Malefic Man (Mature)

  4. Indigo Burns

    Rain trickles down the window pane A soft indigo blue like a pulsing vain Fire may burn inside my heart, but explodes, leaving its scorching mark Water sprinkles from the starlight, it sizzles,burns but soothes My face turns red, I roll of the bed, my ...

  5. Chthonic Creatures

    Her breath was heavy and her heart pounded. As she sprinted she could hear the faint presence of the bodies behind her, their voices hissing angrily, “You can’t escape,girl!” She suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. The voices sang in...

  6. Embers

    His love burns, his love hurts His shadow stays, it still lurks Even angels have there wicked schemes But he took his to new extremes He said he loved me but that’s not love His love’s from below, not above So why did I love him you must as...

  7. Glass Room

    I fought, sobbed, thrashed, and bit till I tasted blood; but none of my efforts were enough to hold back my restraints. My heart was pounding, I could feel the sweat dripping down my neck, hear the sounds of the machines humming somewhere out there on ...

  8. Colorless

    A young girl, cheeks still plumb, parents still breathing; awoke each morning to a world of new colors to discover. Her parents tucked her in, and kissed her goodnight, her friends made her smile and laugh, and her imagination glowed through her skin. ...

  9. Ash Eyes (Mature)

  10. Pretend To Hate You

    The door creaks as I slowly shut it, kissing goodbye to memories I will soon forget. As I walk away from the photos, and tip-toe down the stairs, suitcase clunking behind me, I want to turn back, but knowing better I hold back the urge. My fingers wrap...

  11. Glass Heart

    At first, there is nothing but the sound of machinery pumping energy through the glass cage. I can’t tell if its just the effects of the gas, or if I’m only having another nightmare. I force my eyes open, and immediately gasp for air. My lu...

  12. Glass Eyes (Mature)

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