Worth a Million

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“I agree with Speaker Gingrich that there are people who are paid too much and their jobs could be done cheaper by children. For example, I heard about a company that paid a historian $1.6 million. One point six million, to a historian. Indiana Jones wasn’t paid that much, and he had to go out and dig up history and fight Nazis. What that company should have done, is take point six million and hire fifty or sixty school kids to do their historical research for them. In general, young kids are better at looking stuff up online than their parents or grandparents, but if you pay them enough, those kids will go to libraries and open these things called books to look up the information. So the company could have saved a million and given fifty or sixty school kids money and job experience, all at the expense of one, overpaid historian. I give that example to the Speaker, so the next time he talks about kids doing the work of overpaid janitors, he can include historians.”

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