More Questions than Answers

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Alice shook her head in disbelief. Apparitions don’t just happen, and that was a fairly realistic hallucination. About as realistic as a floating, talking, purple cat can be she supposed. Alice settled into her corner and tried to sort her thoughts. She knew sleep was out of the question after Cheshire’s sudden appearance, so Alice resigned herself to a long night of trying to puzzle through the cat’s cryptic message.

When Alice’s breakfast slid underneath a break in the door, she jumped. Startled at the sudden noise and appearance of gruel, she didn’ know what to make of it at first. More thankful for the appearance of morning than of the tasteless sludge, Alice swallowed a few bites before pushing the tin across her cell. If it was breakfast, that meant she would see Dr. Clark soon. He might be of some use and help her puzzle through last night’s events. Purple floating cats danced around inside Alice’s head as she settled down to wait for her attendants. One way or another, she would get an answer.

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Alice peeks out from behind her knees briefly, and shudders at the sight of a large, floating purple cat that has materialized in her room. I...

Doctor's Orders by The Ghost in the Machine LoA