Remember the Cross Part 4

Avatar Author: Emily What defines a writer? Is it someone who can put a few words together to make a sentence, or is it someone who writes with professional English skills? I don't know, I am only 13 and therefore don't know much about wri... Read Bio

I went to church and our Christian youth group as a duty as oppose to a hobby, one night I saw Louie Giglio’s talk called ‘Hope’ I realised when I saw it that when trouble came it wasn’t there to pick on me. I couldn’t see the full picture; like the back of a tapestry (written by S. Paul Minnesota on a blog in February 1979). I couldn’t see that something which looked so wrong was part of something so beautiful and true. If I had never experienced trouble, I wouldn’t have written this book; don’t lose hope when trouble comes to you, it could be the start of something good, maybe you’re just seeing all the knots at the back of a tapestry where the true beauty of it is hidden.

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In the New Living Translation it proves it, Romans 8:38 – “And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither deat...

Remember the Cross Part 3 by Emily

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