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What defines a writer? Is it someone who can put a few words together to make a sentence, or is it someone who writes with professional English skills?

I don’t know, I am only 13 and therefore don’t know much about writing techniques but I do know that every word I do write that is to do with stories, poems or plays – from Shakespeare essays to descriptive writing- I love. :)

I hope you like my stories and if not have fun writing your own,



  1. How do you know if reality is reality?

    … And then I woke up. I woke up? But I wasn’t dreaming. No bed. No … gravity? The misty surroundings chocked me. The shock of being in this … well it’s not ghastly enough to be hell, and heaven – well this isn’...

  2. Love: a Gift or a Curse?

    Desmond Quinn Texas! His imperfections make him beautiful. The destinct lines of his jaw are so defined, he looks like a carved sculpture. It fits perfectly with his blonde hair which is swept over in such a way that it would take hours for most people...

  3. Lost!

    “Mummy? … Daddy?” the little girl cried, lost in the cold, heartless crowd surrounding her, trapping her. A tear of confusion, fear and utter misery escaped her sea blue eyes that would normally glow with delight. They fit well with h...

  4. HELP!!!

    My concrete feet froze to the floor while his lips slowly drew closer. It was happening so fast. His lips met mine and I could smell a hint of whisky which sent a rabble of butterflies in my stomach … well more like a swarm of bees! “Arghh!...

  5. Elegy

    “I’m sorry for your loss” those words echoed in my head. She’s not sorry. She can’t even be bothered to remember his name. I turned on the radio to silence the intoxicating words, but it only worsened, like spraying a foul...

  6. Perfect Christmas?

    The icing sugar snow that covered the village was falling again; every snowflake, a fairy glowing with enchantment. Home baked gingerbread scented the air with delightful spices of harmony that transported me to a world free of cares. Then I saw it! It...

  7. "Respect Your Elders" ... When Necessary

    I was on holiday with my grand parents, Jill and Bob, and we decided to visit bath ( not an object that you fill with water to wash yourself; the city) We left the Swan hotel (where we were staying) I was appointed by Jill, who is as sweet as the harmo...

  8. My 1st Poem what do you think???

    When I’m lonely and afraid, you are here. On the darkest nights And the darkest days It’s you I cry out to And I know you’re near. When I’m happy and filled with pride You will save me - Now that I’m sure - Save me from fa...

  9. Repetiton

    Where am I? Am I dreaming? Yes I am definitely dreaming. I remember this; I have had this dream before. Waking up in a room: with a camera watching me like an eagle – so eager – as if it’s ready to catch its prey; and the door; that v...

  10. The Room

    Where am I? Normally, I wake up to pink candy-floss clouds resting on the grass outside my bedroom. What happened? Why don’t I remember anything? I looked around the room trying to see how to get out, but all that is here is a camera; it is focus...

  11. Remember the Cross Part 5

    I am not going to pretend that if you’re a Christian you won’t find trouble; trouble is in the world, we brought it upon ourselves when we ate the forbidden fruit, we have no one to blame but ourselves for the trouble that haunts us. But the most a...

  12. Remember the Cross Part 4

    I went to church and our Christian youth group as a duty as oppose to a hobby, one night I saw Louie Giglio’s talk called ‘Hope’ I realised when I saw it that when trouble came it wasn’t there to pick on me. I couldn’t see the ful...

  13. Remember the Cross Part 3

    In the New Living Translation it proves it, Romans 8:38 – “And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, [p] neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—n...

  14. Remember the Cross Part 2

    I know now that nothing stands in the way of sharing the love that compelled him to do that, I know now that nothing can stop me telling everyone who can read, speak or even just listen to me saying that God is good and that nothing can separate us fro...

  15. Remember the Cross part 1

    Remember the Cross When trouble came I just asked why; why me? Why this? I even shouted out to God why aren’t you saving me? The answer; he has saved me; he saved me on the cross when he was tortured and eventually bled to death. When trouble cam...

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