My Werewolf Husband

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The beast crouched before me, shuddering in its snow-covered fur.

“You must understand!” I cried, "How can you say you feel nothing for me?

“Because it is impossible,” he growled at me.

“That is not what you believe! Tell me the truth!”

His head whipped up and he lunged bodily toward me with a roar. “BECAUSE I DO NOT DESERVE YOU!”

In a moment of fear, I had retreated, taken aback at this outburst. Then my anger rose so hot in my chest and face that the snow could have melted around me.

“Who convinced you of that,” I hissed, barely able to speak, “when two days ago you swore nothing could come between us?”

He would not look at me. Tail, ears, and body were a deathly still statue.

“Fine.” My vision swam, but not with tears.

“What are you doing?” he barked.

My cloak already lay at my feet, and my dress soon joined it. I stood shaking in my undergarments. My husband stared in shock. Good, I could still pull him out of this.

“If I cannot convince your mind to remember, I will convince your body.”

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