Rain and Fire

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The flames jump, iridescent forms leaping from their metal prison. They burn bright greens and blues, consuming the paint inside of the dumpster. Bits of ash and burning paper float hauntingly through the air; a strange contrast to the writhing flames below.

Steven watches the fire with a detached sense of accomplishment. Rain falls around him, drenching everything, but the fire consumes all. He clenches his hand around his nose against the stench of burning flesh, and turns away from the dumpster.

As he walks away, Steven concentrates on the noisy world around him. The rain ringing off trash cans. Cars driving though puddles. People running for cover from the downpour. He concentrates, slowing the world around him down. A slow ringing creeps up on him, enveloping him. Steven tries harder, closing his eyes. Whispers beckon, promising, pulling him in and enveloping his teetering mind.

Steven glances around to make sure noone is following him, and smiles happily and continues walking in the pouring rain.

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  1. Avatar mark.i.wang

    I’ve been wondering how this works in the ficlet format. On one hand, nothing significant appears to occur in this ficlet. On the other hand, you can’t string together an epic series from a neverending stream of character plot twists. I have no solution, but eagerly anticipate a sequel.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I thought it worked nicely. It’s not a critical story moment or exciting interaction, but it has a great visual and some character development as well. This is what is awesome about the ficly format, as it forces you to make every moment, regardless of overall plot significance, something artistic and worth reading in its own right. I say nicely done.

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