A Clear View

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“Have you ever thought of getting Lasik?” Sue asked as she sat down next to Dave on the couch.

Dave closed his book and looked over at her. “Not really. Why?”

She took his glasses off and smiled. “I think you look better without them.”

“I always thought being able to see was more important than looking good.”

“But with Lasik, you could do both.” She went to put his glasses back on him, but stopped and frowned at them. “And you wouldn’t have to worry about them getting dusty all the time.”

Taking them from her Dave began cleaning his glasses using his shirt tail. “But I like cleaning my glasses.”


Dave thought for a moment, then explained, “When they get dusty or whatever, things look … fuzzy, I guess. But then I clean them and,” he put his glasses back on and continued, “it’s like I get to see the world anew. Clearly, and in focus.”

Sue smiled. “And what do you see now?”

Dave furrowed his brows for a moment, then gave her a lecherous grin.

Sue rolled her eyes. “Go back to reading your book.”

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  1. Avatar temporary.balcony

    i love how honest this moment is. it is the small things in life that are the most beautiful, you do a wonderful job at conveying this.

  2. Avatar mark.i.wang

    Cute. Then naughty.

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