How to Survive an Explosive Decompression

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In her entire life she’s never had a bathroom break that sucked this bad. Seeing the cardboard on the paper roll is one thing, plungers another, but this was a universe of other problems.

The docking procedures at the station for the new crew set to arrive had been practiced for nearly a week. When she stepped out of the command module the ship was within minutes of docking. She would be damned to greet the newbies doing a zero-gee pee dance.

As she sits there she is unaware of the thruster malfunction happening in the vacuum outside. As she shifts to adjust herself, the right side of the docking craft breaches the walls of the station, tearing it in half.

The lavatory door gives way in moments. Floating there, her suit and helmet connected to nothing, training tells her that the only chance at survival is to lower her heart rate and meditate.

She chose to think of a what blanket of live puppies would feel like and did so until she was rescued 15 record breaking minutes later.

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  1. Avatar The Ghost in the Machine LoA

    Interesting premise, but maybe a little too much crammed into one ficly. I would say sequel/prequel to let us know a little more about what’s going on here but I like the idea you have here.

  2. Avatar

    I didn’t feel this was cramped. Sometimes, an accident in space while peeing, happens to be an inspiring parable for the power of the mind. Am i right?

  3. Avatar Funky Chunky

    I’m kinda in the middle on this one. IMHO it just needs a little tidy up: in the last sentence-paragraph …think of a what… should be …think of what a…