Waking up...

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And then it happened… I woke up, when I shouldn’t have.

At first, the world was fuzzy. Maybe it was the morphine, or maybe my eyes hadn’t figured out they weren’t done just yet. As the world swam into focus, I saw a man in a long coat snap x-rays against a back-lit screen. And then I blacked out again.

Over the next few days, my memories are snapshots – a jigsaw puzzle of events. Jumbled, nonsensical, unreal.

Later, the doctor would tell me the shot passed through my shoulder. He thought I was a DOA, thought I’d already bled out. He told me I was lucky to be alive. He didn’t have to tell me; I already knew – I was dead.
I felt the bullets hit my chest, and the Doc was wrong on two accounts: number and placement. I got two in the chest, one was dead center. I was dead before my body hit the ground.
One day, I’ll figure out how I got this second chance on life. How the scar in my shoulder isn’t the two it should be. But, I got priorities now… First, find Mason – then, kill him.

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  1. Avatar Ben Adams

    Perfect! You took it exactly where I was wanting it to go! Thank you for continuing my story and reinvigorating my interest in it.

  2. Avatar Odd Jeppesen

    Tightly written, with a killer ending (no pun intended).

  3. Avatar Infinity.

    wow. kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.
    I love how descriptive you got with the 2 bullet wounds and where they hit. especially the line “I was dead before my body hit the ground” nicely written and very suspenseful

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