Perfect Christmas?

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The icing sugar snow that covered the village was falling again; every snowflake, a fairy glowing with enchantment. Home baked gingerbread scented the air with delightful spices of harmony that transported me to a world free of cares. Then I saw it! It was a dream come true. My mum came out with the biggest roast turkey I had ever seen. It was so perfect. Having eaten about twice as much turkey than we would on a normal night when my Nan came in with her gingerbread house, well mansion, still slightly warm from the oven.

As I took my first bite of the gingerbread roof, the doorbell rang. I went to the door and looked around; there was no one there. I gave up and was walking back to the dining table when it rang again. This time when I opened the door there was a man. He was about twice the size of me with a yellow and sky blue jester’s hat on his head, a black t-shirt covered in peacock feathers, and a skirt. AND A SKIRT? “Merry Christmas!” His eyes flickered to the mistletoe.

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    Interesting start. The first paragraph and the second paragraph don’t appear to be related just yet. Try and tie them together, or else you’ll need a sequel to explain the link.

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    Good fix! Now let’s see what to do about the stranger…

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