In Search of Solitude

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The guard outside knocked once and stuck his head in. “Are you okay? I thought I heard something.”

He hadn’t heard anything and had made an excuse to check up on me. They all did.

“No, Billy. I’m fine.” I wasn’t fine but there was no need to worry him with my problems. When he was worried they forced me to take a special sedative. I couldn’t remember the name of it. Whatever it was, it gave awful dreams.

Billy gave the dark room a cursory look and shrugged. “No problem, Miss Jeanette. If you need anything, don’t be afraid to ring.” Yeah right, I thought. I tried not to be mean to the guards but it was hard not to. They were the face of authority that we all had to deal with on a regular basis.

The security guard waited for me to say something and when I didn’t, he shook his head and closed the door.

Once he was gone, I scrambled back onto the bed and slid my hand into my pillowcase. Down at the bottom I found the pen I had swiped from the nurse’s station earlier. Hopefully, I could write in peace.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    hee hee, ‘making literature’ literally. had a series with Alro613 a few years ago that would have tied into this fantastically.

  2. Avatar Tad Winslow

    I simply want more.

    I am a little confused about Jeanette. Either Billy is calling this guy, the guard, by a lady name to zing him, or there’s another female guard, Jeanette, who Billy is addressing.

    Otherwise your story is streamline and just the kind of thing I was hoping to read.

  3. Avatar Tad Winslow


  4. Avatar Tad Winslow

    Or Jeanette is in the room with Billy and they are going to make literature… ?

  5. Avatar Robert Quick

    There are only two characters- Jeanette (the protagonist) and the security guard, Billy.

  6. Avatar 32 ^2

    I likes.

    One small part, for me, is weird:

    He didn’t hear anything

    Could it be He hadn’t heard anything? It confuses me, like that’s what he’s thinking. But I also haven’t been reading much lately.

  7. Avatar Robert Quick

    I think that must be the part that is tripping up Tad too. That is actually Jeanette’s thought. Maybe italics would help.

  8. Avatar Robert Quick

    Alright with August’s and 32^2’s help, I’ve altered the second paragraph. Hopefully that makes it a little more clear.

  9. Avatar August 2nd

    Not a problem, Robert. “Remembet” looks vaguely French somehow.

  10. Avatar Robert Quick

    Heh. Fixed.

  11. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    I’d get rid of the first ‘up’ in the second line. The repetition threw me off a little.

    I agree that this is a brilliant opener. It’s an interesting situation that creates a lot of questions. Love the literal take on the challenge. Very clever.