You Said.

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You said I was a tortured soul
on a page of history,
Stained in ink and blotted dark
with blue-bruised mystery:
A violet, faded, smudged-up sketch -
A violent, jaded, budged-up sketch
for only you to see.

You said I was a dried out bloom
in a bowl of pot-pourri,
Soaked in scent and covered up
with dust-gilt rosemary.
A creamy, browning, tired-out rose –
A dreamy, drowning, hired-out rose -
for only you to see.

You said I was a broken jewel
on a beach in Withernsea,
Aged with rain and tainted pale
with bone-white misery.
A speckled, bony, dead-beat pearl
A freckled, lonely, lead-feet pearl
for only you to see.

I say I’m just a lonely girl
in a world of tragedy,
Lost in smoke and shaken up
by white-flash gravity.
A sleepy, aching, smiled-to girl
A weepy, waking, lied-to girl
for no-one else to see.

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  1. Avatar Tad Winslow

    Chalk full of imperfect and perfect rhyme. Repetition, 8-7-7-6-8-8-6 syllables on each line in every stanza— wow! You maintain fluidity in such a strict structure. Impressive.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Very sad, and it comes across as a portrait of an unhealthy relationship that is both recognized and accepted as such.

  3. Avatar Rodney Alexander

    Mesmerizing work. The rythym and imagery is completely absorbing. I even had to look up Withernsea. And I have to say it really added to the feel of the piece. thanks for sharing!