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“Mummy? … Daddy?” the little girl cried, lost in the cold, heartless crowd surrounding her, trapping her. A tear of confusion, fear and utter misery escaped her sea blue eyes that would normally glow with delight. They fit well with her pink cheeks and her cheeky grin that would pass from one person to the next.

She’s wasn’t smiling then, and it was obvious on the plain faces of the people that surrounded her that no one cares, no one will ever care! It’s perfectly obvious that she’s lost, yet no one helps her.

“ROSIE!!” The faces in the crowd all turned, so sharply, so in time, like they were connected; mocking him; as if they were so perfect. When he sees his reflection in the shop window he sighs, so ashamed of the man, the Father he saw there. “I’m such an idiot” as those words escaped his mouth, he saw something, the tiniest glimpse of hope. “Rosie” The wisper of enlivenment released the bleak and dismal emptiness that was building up inside him.

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  1. Avatar Krulltar

    nicely told from two perspectives. Wonderful telling the fear and loneliness a child endures, as well as a parents anxiety and self loathing for letting it happen.

  2. Avatar Anna Banner

    Totally agree with Krulltar! brilliant!! Emily!! XX

  3. Avatar Emily

    Thank you! :D I didn’t expect to get such great comments.

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