Biology Revision Part 2

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The process
of meiosis has
two distinctive
Division 1:
the pairs pair up,
exchange their chromatids,
break up

Then a chromosome
from each pair
goes to one
of two
poor cells
And yet again,
we’re doing well.
Division 2: (we’re almost through)

The chromatids
they move apart.
And four new cells
Begin to start.
In humans,
each with 23
for you and me.

The process
of meiosis
gives genetic
What a wonderful
Through independent
segregation …

And a cool
of the
like little gnomes
with different
coloured hats
and that is that.

Except it’s not.
Alleles are forms
of certain genes
They decide
What colour eyes
you end up with -
your blood type, height
and other things.

Crossing over
happens in
Division 1
when chromatids
twist together
(shut up heather! ;) )
creating tensions
that break off
the chromatids poor legs
and stuff.

These broken limbs
then join back up
with other
Creating brand new
combinations -
hence genetic

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  1. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    And there you have it -
    great meiosis
    a very necessary
    Two short steps of
    nuclear division.
    (taking biology was
    a bad decision).

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    but this is a good review! if I were a biology student, I’d read it to study from..

  3. Avatar zxvasdf

    a good way to remember your notes

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Biology Revision by Abby (LoA)