An Excerpt from "On the most magnificent Force of ELECTRICITY"

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…The most magnificent Force of ELECTRICITY was accidentally Discovered in 1883, by the great LORD ENGINEERS Tesla and Edison. As our History makes it clear, the Importance of ELECTRICITY was Such that daily Life was no longer the Same after its Arrival—it also Signaled the WAR of the CURRENTS, leaving the Landmass of NEW ENGLAND still Inhospitable.

At Home, the most magnificent Force of ELECTRICITY may be easily Accumulated by applying ALVINIAN GAUZE to YELLOW JELLYSTONE commonly Found in the Wilderness. Its wonderful Presence can be Noticed by a colorful Glow in our CIRCUITRY as ELECTRICITY Excites our Bodily Mechanics. With abundant ELECTRICITY the Senses may Expand, allowing one to Interact with the WIRELESS ONES. The GEARS may also become Encouraged—It is this Trait of ELECTRICITY that Fueled Much of the Devastation of the WAR of the CURRENTS.

Do Note that the Storage of ELECTRICITY in non-trivial Quantity is strictly Forbidden by Persons without the Honourable Title of LORD ENGINEER. If Survived…

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Bizarre. Sort of reads like a manifesto from a totalitarian parallel universe where electricity led to World War I. The punctuation and capitalization stuff was kind of distracting, but that seemed to be the point maybe.

  2. Avatar Sz Park

    I was originally going to submit this for the Technobabble challenge, but it ended up as something from another project I was sort of working on. It’s basically a quirky alternate universe/post-post-post-apocalyptic world populated by robots, who relive the history of humanity up until they discover electricity—which is seen as HOLY CRAP MAGIC.

    I’ve noticed a very ridiculous capitalization scheme from some of the Victorian/pseudo-Victorian writings I’ve read—I hoped to recreate the oddness of it here.

  3. Avatar Skull Man

    I really really dig this

    it has its own internal logic and you stick to it like glue

    very good

  4. Avatar BA Boucher

    I echo the comments above. Very true to itself.

    I liked it although it seems to read as apocrypha rather than story.

    Orsen Scott Card did a whole series on a parallel America where Ben Franklin was thought to be Gandalf. Pretty interesting

  5. Avatar Sz Park

    Holy crap. Ben Franklin, a wizard? This makes too much sense. Could you tell me the name of that thing so I may humiliate myself?