Melody the Unicloud: Smoke Signals

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Heedless of any danger or threat to her own well being, Melody charged into the forest determined to stop whatever was going on. Weaving through the trees, leaping over fallen logs, she relied on her powerful sense of smell to guide her in the right direction. The stench of the smoke was coarse and icky but it did seem to be leading her in the right direction.

As the smoke became denser she slowed down. Nudging a wide leaf out of the way with her horn, she was rewarded with a view of a giant fire pit. She had found the source of the smoke.

Three powerfully built men were were taking turns chopping at the base of a large tree and while they worked, they sang,

“Work, work, work. We keep this fire burning. We keep this flame alive.
We started this morning and we’ll be warm tonight- HA!
Work, work, work, We miss our homes right now. We miss our lonely wives
When this forest’s gone, we’ll still have the light- HA!"

Dozens of stumps attested to their work thus far.

This was not good, not good at all.

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Melody the UniCloud: Ruminations and Investigations by Robert Quick