Melody the UniCloud: Standing Up To Giants

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“Hey, hey! Stop this!” Melody cried.

Her voice seemed to disrupt the rhyme and rythm of their song and the three men fell silent. They looked around for the source of the noise and Melody made no attempt to hide. She wanted them to see her. When they spied her, they moved as one, slinging their axes over their shoulders and stomping over to the unicorn. Behind them, black smoke billowed into the air.

Melody hadn’t realized exactly how big the men were until they were right in front of her. She was slightly larger than a draft horse and these men were big enough to make her look like a pony. Each one was powerfully built and looked like they were cut from stone. They looked close enough alike that she thought they must be brothers. The only difference between them was the color of their jerkins. Red for the first, green for the second, and blue for the last.

Looking down all three wore expressions of confusion, but it was only Red that spoke up. “Wot’s dis?”

Melody stood her ground. “You have to stop!”

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Melody the Unicloud: Smoke Signals by Robert Quick