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The warm evening breeze caressed my face as i stepped gingerly out of the pair of stilettos. Deftly i braided my hair and padded over to the bench, settling between His feet. i brought my knees to my chest, hugging them.

He stroked my hair absent-mindedly, staring into the distance. i leaned gently against His right calf, rubbing my cheek against His strong angular knee. The trees rustled and crickets played their tune. Sleep crept stealthily, lulling me into the blinding darkness.

“Girl”. Deep and familiar – a drop of water into my sea of (sub) consciousness.

i peeled my eyelids open, lifting my head slightly in response to His voice. i got onto my knees and turned slightly to read his expression, finding His face inches away from mine. He hooked a finger into the thin leather strap around my neck, pulling me closer. Our lips met, mine shy, His firm. Then he kissed my neck lightly, whispering, “Let’s go.”

i rose gracefully, slipping into my heels. i trotted after him, just half a step behind.

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