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I’m a 17-year old female. I have more experience with prose than poetry, but both are equally fun to write. It’s only recently that I really started to write for leisure, and not just for exams. I still find it slightly uncomfortable to write about really personal issues and matters, but it’s truly liberating and enjoyable.


  1. Addiction

    Today I failed my history test I’ve been addicted to FPS games. So I smile, a little sadly, a sad little smile at the repetition of time mismanagement during the history test at the repetitions in my history essay. Today I failed my history test...

  2. Gardens by the bay

    The wind makes my feet easier to lift; It presses against my skirt and shapes me a butt two thighs. The steps are almost too easy too light but you won’t have mastered them until the nose doesn’t leak anymore, the eyes don’t smart. Yo...

  3. Sermonette 2

    Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Drink only puritanical water from the crystal chalice and always be on guard – The rusted silver rim can cut deceitful lips that whisper; lies flow over like shifting sand that cannot bury forever....

  4. Sermonette

    Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. Soak the yellowing rays of a sinking yolk in the formaldehyde of naked consciences. Let it discolour the dead leaves swept into congested gutters, arteries, and let the sleepless city spiral in sinu...

  5. Self-flagellation

    I used to ignore instruction manuals that scream “Do it Yourself” Now I know I can’t just create homo habili, neanderthals; traditional, revisionist, post-revisionist (then what comes next?) humans myself. But that’s not the point. I’m sorry...

  6. Arguments

    Adults don’t shout or scream their tonsils raw don’t need lozenges to cool the burn Because they’re in the subzero of icy shoulders biting cold It’s not something you can thaw Thaw with the heat of Microwaved instant comfort foo...

  7. Braces (Mature)

  8. Construction

    Staples hold the wall up rusted metallic brown scabs that conceal wounds beneath. Behind the netted veil and nonchalant whirs of throbbing engines fluorescent lights illuminate the area in cold calculated washes – for no one but the shadows of past a...

  9. Love doctor

    The medic lingers by his bed. Her voice is contained in mics and whispered by faulty headphones Words are exchanged like fragile trinkets does he notice how she carefully keeps their meanings unobscured? Together they sketch out the future like an idy...

  10. Prayer flags

    They hang from tree to bush in horizontal lines of blue Red yellow and green Like traffic lights controlled by forgotten deities. They are the blessings and pleas of a missing race to the dry wind In desperate flutters and dancing colours they fade an...

  11. Are you ok ada?

    The arial A rings like a high-ceilinged hall of familiar voices looped in a warped recording. And I can hear my voice (as if amplified over an announcement system) verbally browsing an archive of previous and possible Replies that form A hero featured...

  12. Emptiness

    We sit stone-still, looking straight at each other. The nightshade glows against her glasses and I cannot read her eyes – all I see is myself. My stiff, cold toes curl, trying to root into the carpet but they can’t hide. The dim walls in ...

  13. Skyfall

    The water mutes the noises of chaos as I close my eyes and feel that unfamiliar coolness envelop me, minor 5ths playing out in my head Numbers play out in the stillness as I wait for my lungs to scream, fast losing sight of my reflection in the water ...

  14. Hero's Hall

    He turned the shiny brass knob and stepped into the room. The first thing he noticed was the warm fireplace at the opposite wall of the room. It made him feel like he had just sunk into a warm bath, lethargy seeping out of his bones. He had barely regi...

  15. Becky

    Today I thought I’d seen your face at the bustop, just behind me, outside where we spent the days together.  You were like a silver coin unblemished in the setting sun the peak of your youth in wane did you know it then? Glinting nobly, the rig...

  16. Stalemate

    Whenever we have one of those talks I wish I could shrink into my seat. I wish I could tell you that I am not happy but I’m walking across the tightrope of your heart keeping glass balls in the air I’m prancing gaily like well-preened hors...

  17. Air conditioning

    Put a fly in a jar and scrutinise its one thousand six hundred eyes warped though the concave walls of a jar with your two gargantuan eyes.  Fill it with a poisonous gas like -  Oh, I don’t know -  Chlorine gas or so and seal it in with a kiss...

  18. Too (Mature)

  19. I fucking hate exams

    My hand scribbles “good luck”s and “all the best”s on sweating paper that cringes in stress. The words are weightless and their meanings fade into whispered wishes that accompany red ribbons tied on sacred willow trees. Giving them out will fe...

  20. Statue in the river

    Tables of guests come and go, Finishing score after score of rumbly  conversations and clinking cutlery With glasses of red wine That could’ve been red been paste.  They’re wrapped in glossy dresses, tall In their latest haute couture, Ig...

  21. Songstress

    If you were powerful enough to write your own history why hesitate to play the song you made? Because the scores are punctured with rests and silent cringes like empty pores having disgorged their curls of hardened oil, gaping in the skin of time. You ...

  22. Tableaux de Provence

    Hear The notes that run and go nowhere In false pretences Of pleasing peace which condense Into droplets of sour tears. It fills the room with cheery rhythm - The only Constance pulses through The foreign scenes which flash by In hazy blurs of senseles...

  23. Missing you

    I sit mutely staring at the screen while the radio ticks in my ear, chords dreamt up by Mozart – All bragging the glut of an orchestra, they roll out endlessly to a sickening surfeit. And yet my mind chases the tail end of sighing phrases like a rab...

  24. Heated arguments

    I sit in the stillness of the room. All is quiet albeit the distant whispers of voices. The air still cool from the night consoles me, a sanctuary of vigilant shade. The walls contain it like a dam against the flood of tears. But the windows are jammed...

  25. Ice lemon tea

    The ice in the cup crackles in organic harmonies as they swim in sugar, different pitches forming curious octaves as they tease the taste buds of the ear.

  26. Release (Mature)

  27. Unspoken words

    As snowflakes frozen in the air, hanging from our frosty inertia.

  28. Sentimentalism

    The present’s simply A haunted grave of worship To the living past. 

  29. "That'll be 3 minutes and 45 seconds, please"

    Luxury of time – It will spoil the palettes of Impoverished tongues.

  30. Lies [5]

    I could understand her pain, her sense of betrayal and anger. My own daughter had been taken by the KGB all those years back, but at least my position as informant protected the rest of the family. Trivial emotions do nothing but fester in the heart, m...

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