Melody the Uni-Cloud: Unfair Dealings

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The three giants continued to stare down at the uni-cloud, expressions of disbelief on their faces.

“Grimmstuff,” Red said to Green, “Wot’s wiff dis wond’rous speaking beast?”

Grumstuff passed the buck. Eying Blue, he asked, “What should we do with it, Grumbleruff?”

Grumbleruff scratched his head. “’Tis a unicorn and a thing of magic. I say let Willowreek deal with it.”

Melody swished her tail in irritation. Clearly they had no idea what a uni-cloud looked like. She also had no intention of “being dealt with”. She was about to tell them so, when Grumbleruff barked, “Knock her, Blundercuss!”

The red-vested giant’s hand lashed out, slamming Melody to the ground with the force of a falling tree.

Melody lay there stunned.

Shaking her head to clear the fog, she tried to figure out what had happened. Everything was kind of fuzzy and had two or three shadows. Why was she laying down?

Breathing hurt. Melody let loose a plaintive, “Owwwwwww” and coughed weakly.

Above her, the giants began to sing again.

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“Hey, hey! Stop this!” Melody cried. Her voice seemed to disrupt the rhyme and rythm of their song and the three men fell silent....

Melody the UniCloud: Standing Up To Giants by Robert Quick