A simple game

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The child climbs the trees,
dauntless until she falls,
like a bird with deformed wings.

She touches the kettle
despite the steam coming out,
because she wants to cook like her mom,
but scalds herself raw.

She lights the matches
even though she has been told
the curtains catch fire easily.
She wants to light a fire in the fireplace,
just like her daddy does.

And now watching the blackened snow flakes
drift slowly down on the still city of ash,
I’m alone in reality.

The smoke is long gone,
The building’s metal carcasses
Hold nothing up.
I’m the child who set the city on fire
and only now do I realise

I was just a kid
playing a grown ups’ game.

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  1. Avatar In Night's Arms

    I like this. A lot. A very simple idea butI think anyone who reads this will probably think of some personal experience. I did, anyway.
    One suggestion though, if I may.
    “The smoke is long gone and
    The metal carcasses of the buildings hold
    Nothing up.”
    Those lines feel very wordy. Perhaps…
    The smoke is long gone,
    The buildings metal carcasses
    Hold nothing up.
    That’s just my opinion, its certainly fine how it is

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    eerie, but a truth was learned that day!

  3. Avatar Valentine

    I like this. Everyone’s either in a hurry to grow up or mired in immaturity. Mistakes will be made.

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