Airships: That Sorry Tale

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It didn’t take very long for her to put the pieces together. The rumours of a secret factory where strange liquids bubbled and boiled each day. The sudden rise of the “Sleeper Sickness”, where people would spend days at a time in deepest sleep.

That factory was making something dangerous, and it was slowly killing the people who worked in it. She turned to her closest friends – only to find that as winter approached most of them had gone to the factory too.

Only Agatha escaped to tell her how the others died. She had always been the cleverest, the fastest, the bravest of all of them. Elletra held her as she died, succumbing to wounds from the armed guards.

Agatha told her of two substances. Heaven and hell, she called them. One produced warmth and light in equal measure. The other was temptation itself. In the short term, it caused the body to sleep and feel less pain about the way the world was. After a while, it took your life. Without warning. You would collapse and never be seen again.

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  1. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Ooooh this is good! :D

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