Straight Talk

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“All I’m saying, Jack, is that you’re running out of chances.”

Jack and Dr. Hershall had stepped outside, hoping not to upset Jack’s daughters anymore.

“But, Dr. Hershall! I swear I can change, just trust me!”

“It’s too late for that Jack, I can’t cover for you anymore. You’re too much of a liability for everyone now. Your landlord, your boss, your kids, even me. None of us can trust your judgement anymore.”

“You don’t know what your saying, Dick!” Jack started towards the doctor, his face red with anger and embarrassment, his fists clenched tightly together, ready to swing. He could really use some pills right now. The doctor stood his ground, and looked down at Jack grimacing.

“You failed us all, Jack. But most importantly, you failed your daughters.”

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“Daddy, Daddy! Wake up!” a little girl whimpered over him, her warm tears falling into his nose and mouth. Wiping at his face, Ja...

Jack in The Box (Pt. 2) by N555champ & X-Ninja