Let's Get Kraken!

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The violence intensified quickly as a blue tentacle, 20 feet long, arced out of the still waters and plunged itself towards the ship. The men, hardened by battles past, hesitated slightly at the sight of the legendary beast but they were not cowards and fought as planned. Torches waved, spears glinted and hoarse voices expelled warcrys. The battle was under way.

The Kraken, perhaps the only one, existed only in legend. No man has ever escaped its grasp and lived with its memory. Men built like oxen where flicked overboard effortlessly, others pulled beneath the blue by the dextrous tentacles.

This fight would go down in history. The Captain came prepared with a legendary weapon. A cannon was fired, and as planned, the men fell and covered their ears at the signal. From atop the bow, standing stoically, The Captain blew upon an ivory horn. The ship shook, ripples shot across the water, and incredibly, the mighty kraken was bested. Idle tentacle across the skewed ship, gigantic body floating in the doldrums.

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  1. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Wow! The imagery is so real you can almost taste the sea.

    This is awesome. XD