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“Oh boy oh boy oh boy, this one’s a steamer Jody! Come look! Quickly now!”, hollered Jake from across the hut observatory. Obedient as usual, Jody trotted in and planted her butt beside her young master. “This one’s not scheduled for another… holy moly not for three days yet! This unlucky chap isn’t gonna make it!”

The telescope sat faithfully pointed skywards towards Earth, looking above the high-voltage security fence, the aromatic forests of crystalwood, the sparse lighting of the exile colony and the forever immobile first moon.

“Goodness this has to be the millionth miscalculation so far this year.” exaggerated Jake as he mumbled to himself, flipping through unkempt log books. “Oh well,” he surmised, “the colony probably couldn’t bear another wretched criminal anyways.”. Jody barked.

Jake watched the dim orange streak suddenly intensify into a fireball as the pod entered the thick atmosphere until it fizzled into vapour, a mile above the surface, and went to bed with happy thoughts in his head.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Very dark end. I like it. It paints a nice portrait of a voyeuristic society past really seeing any of this as bad or wrong or inhuman. Nice continuation without being a direct continuation of the scene or moment.

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