Airships: In Times of War

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Hawkeye led the way out into the corridor. After relieving the three men of their weapons the party proceeded up a short flight of stairs back the way they came.

A man stepped down onto the stairs just as they rose up it – Hawkeye charged and tackled him to the floor, slipping a knife between his ribs and across his throat. Behind him, however, was the mess hall. The others came up the stairs behind him, weapons raised, and the pirates realised what was happening.

The first six went down to Hawkeye’s revolver, but then it was fast and brutal hand-to-hand combat. Elletra led the way, using her speed and agility to avoid being cut to ribbons – darting in to strike when she sensed a weakness.

At the other end of the hall, Jerem and his men clattered down the stairs. Recognising their red-and-brown coats, they charged into the fray and started cutting through the mob themselves.

After a moment, the pirates slowly withdrew to one side of the hall to avoid being flanked and retreated towards the bridge.

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