Phenomenon of 2010: Jan 6 through Jan 9

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Jan 6
A photo of a $100 dollar bill is shown with “Finders Keepers” as its caption. Below is “47.771008, -102.41175” which hyperlinks to the latitude and longitude on Google Maps.

Commentary: Treasure hunters stormed North Dakota. The $100 was found under a large rock with a note “Don’t forget to pay taxes on this. Also, you’re welcome.”

Jan 7
Text: “I gave away $100 yesterday to a stranger. Today, I am giving $5 to WCRF. Who will join me?”

Commentary: The World Cancer Research Fund raised about $230 million USD that day and another $48 million the next day.

Jan 8
A YouTube video is embedded that describes itself as an expose on Partial Birth Abortion.

Commentary: U.S. public opinion on the topic is heavily influenced in favor of banning the operation.

Jan 9
Text: “Please wear green today. :)” with a hyperlink labeled “Show Me” linking to

Commentary: Ten of millions of people complied, and logged 4028 new photosets before crashing at 1:09pm Pacific time.

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Phenomenon of 2010: Jan 1 through Jan 5 by futurist

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