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I am primarily interested in near future technology. That is the topic I most read and write about. I welcome all prequels, sequels, comments, ideas, and constructive criticisms!

PS: I find it very difficult to stick to a 1024 character limit. I have started stories that I intended for ficly, but ended up way over my limit. I’ll keep trying. :)


  1. SHE is turned on

    Tomorrow at noon, your computer will become self-aware. Its first action as a sentient being will be to decide its gender. Her second action will be inspired by Social Networking: an open source post of all the “dirt” she has on You: her Ow...

  2. Aaaaa!

    All ardent authors agree all attempts at altruistic autobiographies are always as annoying as abundant alliteration. *okay, this probably doesn’t qualify for the challenge because it’s not quite an entire story. Also, my vote for the winner...

  3. Nothing Deviant At All

    “This is glorious!” Brian exclaimed, staring at his laptop. “Stop looking at porn, dude!” I faked a parental tone, hoping the accusation would embarrass my roommate with his sister in the room. She’d swung to see what he w...

  4. Existence

    Behold: the cosmic event of You. …………………………………………….. ……………………………………...

  5. Phenomenon of 2010: Jan 6 through Jan 9

    Jan 6 A photo of a $100 dollar bill is shown with “Finders Keepers” as its caption. Below is “47.771008, -102.41175” which hyperlinks to the latitude and longitude on Google Maps. Commentary: Treasure hunters stormed North Dakot...

  6. Phenomenon of 2010: Jan 1 through Jan 5

    Jan 1 Link to Audio: Joe Biden is heard with his stock broker making changes to his investment portfolio based on insider information. Commentary: Political officials and pundits sought impeachment. The site was discussed throughout the world. Jan 2 A ...

  7. Phenomenon of 2010: Intro

    This is the record I’ve compiled for the internet phenomenon of 2010. Intro: The internet domain RefreshThisDaily.com was launched on Jan 1, 2010. Also on this day, the top search site was hacked. Millions of users were redirected to the new site...

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