Some Men.

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The thing about boys is that they constantly a manipulate you.

The thing with girls is that they can always be toyed with.

He talked to me in a bar, which was suspicious on it’s own. But I didn’t listen to my better judgement.

Picked her up in a bar. I didn’t have to even ask if she wanted to leave .

I allowed him to touch me and make me feel wanted and important.

I got her in my bed and had zero rest because she only wanted more.

Then he told me to leave the next day. I never even know his name and yet I was so foolish to give myself away…

She was a fun night but no way in hell was it meant to be more.

The thing with me is that I fall for anything.

She just got the complete wrong impression. I only wanted a night. The thing is with women, they are insanely gullible if it’s for attention.

But the real sentence to define some men is that they always fuck you over.

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  1. Avatar Infinity.

    I typed this on an iPod and I will admit between physics and bio homework it’s hard to make time for writing but I’m going to try and polish up my skills but for now please be patient because I’ll be the first to admit that I’m rusty.
    Thanks for reading and you will be seeing more of me soon!

  2. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    It’ll help with the reading if you put all his words into italics (or hers) to make them stand out as a different voice.

    It’s an interesting piece because of the characters’ willingness to buy into common gender stereotypes. They seem less like active personalities than like passive ones who do little more than let life happen to them.

    Keep writing! :)

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