The Graveyard

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“Erik, let’s get out of here, it’s getting dark.” Megan said, brushing a strand of her dark mahogany hair out of her face.
Erik laughed, draping his camera around his neck. “Scared of the dark are you my dear?” he said, wrapping his arm around the woman.
She smiled nervously. “No, I thought I saw something moving over by the mausoleums. We got the pictures we wanted, now I think we need to get out.”
Erik conceded, and the couple made their way to the entrance to the graveyard. They had come here to get some pictures of the strange statues said to inhabit the graveyard. They had heard that the angel statues came to life at night to feed on whatever was caught within the gates, Erik didn’t believe the rumors, but Megan was very superstitious.
“Erik…” she said, getting his attention.
Erik looked where she was pointing, and his stomach dropped, a statue, right in the middle of the path, with three more off to the side. “Run.”

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  1. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Wow. He went from skeptic to believer awfully quickly.

  2. Avatar The Night Angel

    More on that later, I have more installments in the works, just need to sit down and do them. These first two parts were already done for a class I’m taking, I just modified them a little.

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