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  1. a farewell

    This will be the last thing I post here. Though I was not an active member for long, and I didn’t know many of you, I will still miss this place. I enjoyed reading other’s works. I enjoyed the challenges that were created, I enjoyed everyth...

  2. The Defenders of Ravenwood

    Here in Ravenwood, we are surrounded by monsters. There are the typical ones you don’t see, either because you choose not to or because you are too high status to mingle with them, or are one of them. There are also the ones that everyone sees, a...

  3. Cursed Peoples (Mature)

  4. The Choice

    He told her he was lonely the other day. Said that he loved her, and missed her when she was away. She says she’s lonely too. She doesn’t say why. He walks to the tree where the serpent lives, hoping for some wise counsel. The serpent has n...

  5. Garden of Eden

    She wandered through the bushes, searching for him. She loves him, because that is what she is told to do. In this new existence, she must always do as she’s told. Her name is Eve. He says he’s lonely, horribly lonely because of this love h...

  6. The Rise of Death

    I have spent eons liberating souls from the mortal coil, carrying their posthumous forms from one life to the other. I have never received any thanks for the work that I do, and I tire of this existence, I am ready for something new. The inhabitants of...

  7. Blood of the Daughter (Mature)

  8. The rise of Shadow

    I don’t remember the last time I was happy. I used to be a normal kid, until the day the borealis flared. The Northern Lights is what they used to be called, and they used to be viewed as a beautiful thing. Now they are viewed more as a curse. Wh...

  9. The Long War

    I walk through these trees, brown and dry with decay, remembering days past. I once walked through these very woods as a child, before that fateful day. Pausing for a moment, I realize that I am in the very spot that changed my life forever all those y...

  10. Silence will fall

    The darkness was closing in, pressing on me from every corner. I could feel a chill running down my spine. I was all alone. “Beware the shadows” a faint whisper said. “Beware the shadows” I looked around for the source of the vo...

  11. Jack's Corner

    Jack sat in HIS corner, yes, HIS corner, quietly muttering to himself. “I’m a good boy… I’m a good boy… I’m a good boy…” There was a noise at the door. “Horner! Meal time!” the orderly called,...

  12. An Apple a Day

    Red and yellow. These are the colors that define my fate. These are the colors that I live or die by, The colors of choice. Round and juicy. This is the description of my temptation. This is the description of this wicked thing, The description of cho...

  13. The Face of an Angel (Mature)

  14. Life! Death? Machine.

    The fires settled, dancing like witches around a bonfire. Karen stared around her, the city utterly destroyed, bodies scattered like broken twigs. Her eyes settled on the lone figure standing a few feet away from her, the source of all this distruction...

  15. The Discovery in the Graveyard

    The trees and tombstones were a blur. The wind was rushing through their hair, blowing Megan’s curly locks askew. She reached the gate first. It was locked. They were trapped. Looking around, she noticed that there was a small hole between the ground...

  16. The Graveyard

    “Erik, let’s get out of here, it’s getting dark.” Megan said, brushing a strand of her dark mahogany hair out of her face. Erik laughed, draping his camera around his neck. “Scared of the dark are you my dear?” he said, wrapping his arm ar...

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