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Dear President

We are the department of the Asian Recreation Authority Service LLC in China. I have been given the mandate to confirm your Recreations Status. We have formally received an application for Recreation on Nov 8, 2012 by a company Industrial Prosumer Incorporated as well as Procreation under state law.

We are currently handling this registration and since your name is listed as the domain holder for Industrial Prosumer Incorporated we need to check that your Recreation and Procreation status is correct as per our records and conforms to state law. Please contact us to confirm your status. We looking forward to your prompt reply.

Best Regards
Wong Fook Hing

Tel: +0086-28-8592-5586
Fax: +0086-28-8592-2116
Address:9/F Libido building No,62 Kehua North Road,Wuhou District,Chengdu City,China.

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