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Programmer by day, weird ideas haver by night.

Official member of the League of Awesomeness. I will henceforth go by the self chosen title: The Purveyor of Pyromaniac Prowess.
Long live the League!

and here my older stuff:


  1. galopping fingers

    oyfgidfg4u90sd7gbnmxzfjsgolsigjkdhjgfkdfahgs adf,djhdf,j cfglkjgsaijsearp9u3w2roliulijv,jxbc,cvmbn,cvmnlxcijk ,jhvbxcksdehjli2309uo9ugbkfjfgx’psad’pasr;OKSG,DKJFGLKJGFAKJHSFAA’W gsdfkljhadfkjgkjhdfg,jfdskjdfjgkkjhfkljdsahlkgsflkhdfshl...

  2. Hot Java (Mature)

  3. Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

    “First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin, then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting tha...

  4. Traversal: Ingress

    “Interlink ready, Sir” announced Comm, just as the tiny green speck of light on Harking’s console blinked on. “Hyperprotocol 773 Alpha” a barely audible beep followed. “Caution! JP gamma 3 T occupied by Abattoir. Pro...

  5. parents (English)

    in the cemetery Fatigue and greed cherry blossoms -————————

  6. parentes (Latin)

    in coemeterio Fatigatio, et avaritiam, cerasus flores -————————

  7. vanhemmat (Finnish)

    Vuonna hautausmaalla Uupumus ja ahneus kirsikankukkia -——————

  8. gepatroj (Esperanto)

    En la tombejo de Letargio kaj avido de ĉerizfloroj -————————-

  9. Eltern (German)

    Auf dem Friedhof von Lethargie und Gier von Kirschbaum Blüten

  10. parents

    in the graveyard of lethargy and avarice a cherry tree blooms

  11. parents - a haiku

    in the graveyard of lethargy and avarice a cherry tree blooms

  12. The metallic werewolf Pt1

    Scared and out of breath Dr. Richard Benson – as it turned out, a fifth cousin of the trillionaire of the same name – tried to enter the small, inconspicuous chapel as noiselessly he could. The sun-bleached door however, creaked as if to an...

  13. braided love

    You can’t keep this I said as I handed you my heart Yours seemed to fit so perfectly You can’t keep this I repeated as you looked up and tried to hold on to it slipping through your fingers I swiftly caught it and saw what you had done silver braid...

  14. stardate 43561.oh-who-cares

    \\Mecha 2398 personal log\\ Stardate four three five six one.oh-who-the-barck-cares. Life on board the USS Erudite is so barcking boring. Lights blink on in the morning and if you don’t wake up immediately, barcking music starts playing. Always t...

  15. Traversal: Hail

    “There are only two other factions with the technology to plant an array this far out.” Harking mused. “Who do you think, sir? The Detached or the Incorporated?” Relative speed carried them towards the objects at an astonishing ...

  16. Philisophy

    A man, convinced, this always says: The world seems different than it is His challenger denial screams: The world is different than it seems

  17. panty liner (Mature)

  18. no liner


  19. Re: Confirmation of Recreation

    Dear President We are the department of the Asian Recreation Authority Service LLC in China. I have been given the mandate to confirm your Recreations Status. We have formally received an application for Recreation on Nov 8, 2012 by a company Industria...

  20. something fishy

    Slowly the cat licks my toes and purrs contentedly. Innocent eyes stare lovingly into mine. A salty odour wafts up. Where are my angelfish?

  21. Hood (Mature)

  22. much ado about (Mature)

  23. Sunday

    6:13 Sunday morning: the girls are up and in their usual rough manner are shaking me awake. Lazily I open one eye. Mo-om, we are hungry and thirsty. I hear him groan next to me and drag myself out of bed to fix them corn flakes and juice. Go to the toi...

  24. One Thousand Twenty-Three

    Orwell said “it isn’t easy”. Make big brother watch a character with just just 10 or 24 ideas. Isn’t betrayal bitter-sweet?

  25. present (Mature)

  26. puppy training (Mature)

  27. last guess

    One last guess before I give up in disgust and never look at this silly game again. bill, kill, mill, pill, till, will, ball, call, fall, gall It seems that the rule is quite restrictive and that you can not generate (by arranging letters in a certain ...

  28. guess 2

    lets try again fart, art, it, i, till, gill, fill, quart, rat, trap

  29. guess

    let’s see whether I’m right: peg, lip, pin, quick, sty, pebble, jig, saw, winner, squeal

  30. The Neurophages XVII

    When Miles and Lou awoke Alba was not with them, Babbage and Ada however were. They stood hand in hand in front of an enormous difference engine. The machine clicked and clacked as it’s crank turned and tiny pins pushed against oddly shaped rods....

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