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Air whooshed in and out of the titan’s lungs like enormous bellows. The sound flowed through the mountainous cavern with a sonorous resonance that would have entranced any mere mortal. Each breath built on and amplified the last, cascading into a hypnotic mellifluence that was both beautiful and terrible.

The titan lay upon an enormous slab of granite. Metallic bands, etched with the runes of an ancient, forgotten language, stretched across its sleeping form — one at the shoulders, one at the hips, and one at the knees. Four smaller bands restrained its wrists and ankles.

After aeons of lethargy, the titan had become overgrown with moss. Lichen grew from its ears and the corners of its eyes. Its skin had become calloused and rough, its nails cracked and blackened. Yellowed mucous seeped from its nostrils, and rivers of saliva dripped from its open mouth.

Of course it knew nothing of this, nor would it have cared. This once great titan, this sleeping behemoth, this Tzubletz’th slumbered on.

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  1. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    And now the two endcaps of this series have been formally connected.

    This is, incidentally, the first character in this universe to receive a name.

  2. Avatar Pyropunk 51 (PPP LoA)

    I like “mellifluence”

  3. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Thanks! I like it a lot, too. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, though. :)

  4. Avatar remembrancer

    I particularly enjoyed the description of the giant being slowly covered in plants. It reminded me of the giant from Ender’s Game after it had been killed and how the body rotted and was consumed. Even though this giant is merely sleeping, time and nature still take its toll.

  5. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Y’know, I thought there was a reason that section resonated with me while I writing it. I just hadn’t made the connection.

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