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I dabble a little in a lot of things — writing, webcomics, gaming, photography, web design, music, and more. I’m a full-time code-wrangler and a part-time farmer with 40 acres, a lot of animals, and far, far too much to do.


  1. Creepers

    She heard the scuttling sounds following so closely behind her. How could she not? She knew she was shedding infectious particles at an alarming rate. It was why she chose this particular route, to minimize her contact with others. This disease wasn...

  2. Writing

    Writing is a special form of insanity, Voices clattering, Nattering, Screaming to get out. Shining, Blinding, Compelling a feverish obsession. Ideas are a puff in the wind, Vaporous, There and gone again, Scrabble to grab them, Fingers close around the...

  3. Creeping Cough

    She had a cough. Deep. Wet. Ragged. They called it the creeping cough. Non-communicable to humans. Supposedly. And yet here she had it, and it was taking over her body. Already, fingers of the black fungus were reaching out from the corners of her mout...

  4. I Ascend

    I ascend. I rise toward the light, toward this glory that I have constructed and the splendor that is my destiny and my reward, the culmination of a lifetime’s work, the contentment of my heart, and the joy of my soul. I ascend.

  5. The Ruin of Shorelocke: Cloth

    Eifan withdraws his hand, shaking his head. “No,” he says. “This is neither the time nor the place to delve into such remembrances.” He reaches instead into the satchel slung at his side, rummaging through it and producing a sma...

  6. The Ruin of Shorelocke: The Orb

    He inspects the orb without picking it up. He can feel the memories radiating off the thing already, and he is not ready to delve into them just yet. Unlike nearly everything else in the room, not one mote of dust rests on the orb’s surface. What...

  7. The Ruin of Shorelocke: The Room

    Eifan drags one finger lightly along the door jamb as he enters the room. The door itself has long since crumbled into dust, long since forgotten what it was — but the stone remembers. The memory whispers up to Eifan like a ripple of warm water. ...

  8. Shriek

    She accosted him on the sidewalk, as he was loading the last of his gear into the truck. He had just come from a client’s house, the last job of the day. He was loading his backpack sprayer when she slammed into him, nearly knocking him off his f...

  9. Accusations

    She leans against the sink and stares at the message scrawled in the dust on the mirror. Thank god it’s just dust this time, and not blood. Her arms and thighs are criss-crossed with the scissored scars of past blood-lettings. She breathes deeply...

  10. Heartstone

    It is a wondrous thing to hear your child’s heart beat for the first time. All those long hours of laboring and toiling over a workbench, all those days and weeks of tenderly, gingerly nudging gears and springs and cogs into place. All those blis...

  11. The Ruin of Shorelocke: The Shelter

    The shelter calls out to Eifan, and he is drawn toward it. A cool breeze blows in off the sea and with it a hint of a voice, as if a vapor. Almost that voice entices him away from his explorations, but he impatiently shrugs it off. There is mystery in ...

  12. Shadow Man

    I saw a shadow man today, tracking me through the corn. It kept its distance, for which I was grateful, but it moved when I moved, stepped where I stepped, stumbled when I stumbled. It stayed with me for some time before I stopped and turned to face it...

  13. Benediction

    Broken and blistered, We healed our surrogate world, Piece by bloody piece. Overbearing brutes, We forced you to accept us ’Til nothing remained. Reluctant mother, We did the unthinkable; You gave us rebirth.

  14. The Ruin of Shorelocke: Arrival

    Eifan Craille stands quietly in the ruins of the old town, leaning heavily on his staff. He is tired, weary from his long journey, but he has come too far to rest now. He permits himself several deep breaths. The salty sea air refreshes him, but only a...

  15. Ember

    It is the faintest glimmering of a spark. It floats in suspension in a bottle, the field it generates holding it equidistant from the surfaces that enclose it. It is an Ember, and it pulses gently, hungrily. It has memories, of a sort, quantum states t...

  16. The Coil

    The encampment is little more than a desiccated husk. What remains of the few tents still standing are tatters of canvas flapping from poles bent and twisted by some cataclysmic event. Much of the ground here has been blasted into red glass and slag, b...

  17. The Logbook

    The book lies on a table. Its pages are torn, tattered. The ink is faded, in places almost nonexistent. What ink remains, however, tells a chilling story. On the left-hand page is a diagram, the chemical structure of a molecule labeled, simply, Nightma...

  18. Desire Is Not Enough

    With yet another rasp of metal, the hatch snapped shut. Rose was beginning to hate that sound. She considered all that had been said thus far, puzzled as to what it all meant. What did they want? She was invited, for chrissake! The hatch opened once mo...

  19. Little Broken Gods

    Germaine Ashencloake surveyed the wreckage of the room before him. Dozens of tiny figurines lay in shattered ruins across the floor. From what he could observe, each was unique. Germaine shook his head. A woodcarver carving in bone and ivory. Such thin...

  20. Traversal: Another Option

    “Allow This One to summarize,” the AI said. “By all means,” Harking replied. He folded his arms across his chest and watched as glyphs spiraled around This One’s body. The AI wavered and flickered. The captain knew it was ...

  21. Traversal: Detached and Incorporated

    The Detached and the Incorporated were actually two off-shoots of the same race. The Technics were a bio-mechanical species that used fabricated implants to augment many physical and psychological functions. A few hundred years ago, their technology ha...

  22. Traversal: Analysis

    Harking explained the situation to the AI, describing the array they’d encountered, the message it had relayed, the subsequent choice to find a new jump point, and the unexpected run-in with the Abattoir. “And the array,” the AI said,...

  23. Traversal: This One

    Thirty minutes later, Eidolon lay dark, 330000 klicks from the Abattoir ship. Harking sat in his command chair, the holographic projection of the ship’s tactical AI displayed before him. The bridge, like the rest of the ship, was dark, all functi...

  24. Traversal: Evasion

    “Evasive maneuvers!” Harking ordered. “Vent the plasma collectors and get me some distance from that fleshpot.” “Aye, sir.” Eidolon systems flared to life. Slots on the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the ship slid op...

  25. Traversal: Course Correction

    Message delivered, the nodes detached from Harking’s vessel and drifted back into their former positions. And thank the gods for that, thought Harking. “Navigation, what’s the next closest jump point?” he demanded. There was a m...

  26. Traversal: Message in a Bottle

    The silence afterward was nearly as deafening as the onslaught before it. Harking gave his crew a ten-count to check their stations. He was about to demand an update when all ship functions momentarily died and came back to life. He heard muttered curs...

  27. i-liner


  28. Monster

    Slitherin’, slimy, goopy and grimy, up it comes from the muck. Tentacles waving, bottomless cravings, it drags her into the guck.

  29. Titan

    Air whooshed in and out of the titan’s lungs like enormous bellows. The sound flowed through the mountainous cavern with a sonorous resonance that would have entranced any mere mortal. Each breath built on and amplified the last, cascading into a...

  30. Overdrive

    “How was it?” Marcus asked, as Mara slipped out of the pilot’s seat. “Awesome!” she replied. Her grin was dazzling. “But this overdrive is insane! I actually had to keep my foot on the brake just to keep from losing ...

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