Moment Reflected in an Icicle

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“Who’s there?”

I lit the match with a single strike. I could feel the flame bringing out the blush of my cheeks, the green of my eyes. And he just stared – stared as though he couldn’t quite believe that I’d come back. After all we’d done, the fights we’d fought. I had still come back to him.

I stood, fire in my hand. The candle took quickly and I let the splinter of burnt out wood slip from my fingers. Our eyes met again for a moment. His, like burning chestnuts in the flickering light, and set in such a white face.

Then, a rare smile – a twitch that I’d have missed if I’d blinked. He pulled me down to him. My knees became planted in the thin mattress, digging deep into the fabric on either side of his bare hips. Hands chased an autopsy line along his chest, drawing his pale skin to the naval.

“Nat…” My fingertip touched his lips, parted them, brushed his sharp, white teeth. His cheek was so soft beneath my palm.

“My love…” A kiss – the very least I could give his tainted perfection. “Mine.”

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  1. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    This could be a vampire story…

  2. Avatar In Night's Arms

    I think it certainly is a vampire story.
    Took me a couple reads to catch it though

  3. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    Really? Hmmm. Interesting interpretation.

  4. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    I was thinking rustic winter cabin without power due to its locale and poor furniture. The fact that he is pale does not make him a vamp. It makes him winterized! :) I like that she has found him, come back to him. This seems to be a satisfying conclusion to a long story.

  5. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    Yup. Rustic winter cabin was exactly what I was aiming for when I wrote it. I was thinking Siberia… Anyway! Always nice to have multiple interpretations. Thanks for your comments guys =)

  6. Avatar In Night's Arms

    Well I see that now, it does make more sense that way actually.

  7. Avatar Conjoiner, Rejoinder, Poisoner, Concealer, Revelator [[Wednesday]]

    Wow… So creepy I could die.

  8. Avatar Eloquent Mess {(LoA)}

    “…brushed his sharp, white teeth…”

    Regardless of whether he’s a vampire, this ficlet is good. :-)

  9. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Oddly enough, it wasn’t the pale skin that made me think ‘vampire.’

    Then again, my mind tries to turn every story into something Lovecraftian (or one of its near relatives).

  10. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    To explain my thought process behind this: she’s the boss at this moment, all of the phrases and words that might have led to the vampire diagnosis are just there to highlight the fact that he would usually be the dominant partner.

    This is my ‘fuck you’ to the 50 shades of grey franchise, which i believe to be a disgusting and offensive piece of crap. Anyway …

  11. Avatar Reaver19

    Abbey I couldn’t agree with you more. Offensive in a literary sense. It read like it was written by a horny pre-pubescent teen. But your entry was great!

  12. Avatar Tad Winslow

    I may not be enamored with the content. However, there is a high quality to the writing. And since ideas are a dime a dozen, it’s the way something is written that makes the difference. It’s the sentences like this— “…and I let the splinter of burnt out wood slip from my fingers.” — that impress me.