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I often find the word space humorous, because after all, we are all in space.
There is a space between this chair here and that door.
There is space for more beings to fill this dome.
There is nothing but space.
Yet in my world, I find myself crawling for more room to breathe.
They put us here because we did not belong.
We are the same as them, yet very different.
When they idealize space, they think of rocketships and stars.
I think of everything and more.
Thinking is dangerous.
Thinking locks you in a dome that is shot off into “space”
An idealized place where you only find yourself wanting more.

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  1. Avatar thebetweenspace

    I love this! I think the reason I chose “thebetweenspace” as my handle is that I live in this very space that you describe where there is a play on the space that we occupy and the space we survive and everything in between. And only in that space can we find our destiny, find a way to understand each other and find our space to grow – despite all the “spaces” that have hurt us.

  2. Avatar JACK

    I try to fill the space with words so no one can get between.
    You fill space with space and yet crave for space .
    Well written.

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