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  1. Vomit

    He stepped out of the party and began walking down the sidewalk. The music had been good, as it always was in city, but the scene had grown old. All the same face, all the same conversations done over and over again so everyone could have some sort of ...

  2. Guilty

    Her heart sunk as she heard her verdict. Guilty Guilty of chaining herself to a tractor. Well actually she was guilty of chaining herself to a tractor and other innate laws. But what started it all however was the simple click of a lock that had attach...

  3. Sorra

    Her name was Sorra. Her dark hair wove across the mustard tall grass as she ran into the sunset. The illuminating light kissed her rosy cheeks that were flushed from running in circles. The little girl’s giggles were heart-melting. She put her ha...

  4. The Dark Queen's Death

    It wasn’t until I saw him again that I knew what had become of me. He was dressed in mourning black, and like me, he hands were blood red. I saw him with his next prey, a cute little girl with her heart still intact. I felt for her as I saw her ...

  5. Queen

    It was the first time I killed a man. I had thought that I had killed before, but thinking and knowing are two different things. This time, when I looked into his eyes I knew he had died. I saw the little yellow whisper of light leaves his eyes and his...

  6. Reflection

    The oval mirror was fixated against the bathroom wall. Like most bathroom mirrors that are lighted with terribly muted bulbs, she expected this one to show her facial flaws. But when she peered into it, she didn’t see her reflection. In fact she ...

  7. Fruit

    As bitter sweet as the tart plum tastes I must remember the poison That caused me to fall to my grave The six foot hole between me And my harmonious love Is enough to make my bones chill over As bitter sweet as the tart plum tastes I must remember ho...

  8. Self Restraint (Mature)

  9. Sanctuary

    A river runs down I bid farewell To familiar land Summer brings new life Sanctuary I am enlightened Winter’s passing is near Inside of me I keep the summer

  10. Warm Hands

    She felt his weight leave the bed, as he walked towards the bathroom door. As he came back into bed he draped his arm over her, only to find himself taken aback from her cold shrug off. “Your hands are cold,” she scoffed. A moment later, sh...

  11. The Koch's Greetings B

    You love your job. Being a part of the process of bringing life into the world inspires you every day. The nurse gestures for you to pass the baby off so it can be cleaned. Suddenly you hear whispers from behind as you bring your attention back to th...

  12. The Koch's Greetings A

    You open the crisp white envelope to find a neatly tucked card. Hallmark shaped snowflakes border a photo of a young couple holding a newborn baby girl. The couple in the photo is wearing matching monochromatic sweaters from the gap and are smiling wid...

  13. Space

    I often find the word space humorous, because after all, we are all in space. There is a space between this chair here and that door. There is space for more beings to fill this dome. There is nothing but space. Yet in my world, I find myself crawling ...

  14. Emotions

    Red thumps and pulses thwacking against the large interior wall Wires send signals to call the bulbous mass into action but nothing prevails What is left is the raw juice that wiggles into the iridescent soul to make its mark This is were scars are for...

  15. Warm Memories

    The warmth crept up her spine like a cozy autumn night. She remembers the crackling fires her father used to brew during those chilly first months. The fires soon died out and the room begins to change. In photographs a child slowly turns into a young ...

  16. Wood Cabin

    !!!Beautiful Wood Cabin For Sale Or Rent!!! 3 Bedrooms 2Baths 1Bar There is a beautiful wood cabin for sale or rent near Lake Superior. Gorgeous new construction, spacious rooms, and a gorgeous view of the lake! NEW DISCOUNTED PRICES! You Cannot Beat ...

  17. Holes (Mature)

  18. Dear Disrespectful, Blasphemous Human being

    Dear Disrespectful, Blasphemous, Inconsiderate Human Being, Stop being a contemptuous prick that stays up all hours of the night. Unlike some people, I actually go to sleep in the evening. This may be because I work, and have responsibilities. Two thin...

  19. Growing Up

    Moira sat on the wooden swing, rocking back and forth. The sun would rise at any moment. “Are you ready?” asked Hope. “No, I don’t want to lose you,” replied Moira. “Maybe you won’t. Maybe you will still find m...

  20. Mr. Keeble's Ass

    Eduardo slumped into his writing chair. “Don’t hunch like that, Eduardo,” said Mr. Keeble as he sat on the cherry wood desk. “Don’t sit on my writing-table: you’ll break it,” muffled Eduardo. Mr. Keeble lectured on, &#...

  21. Little Miss Muffet (Mature)

  22. A Silly Girls Plea

    “Eduardo, why are you leaving me at a time like this!” “Because, to be painfully honest, your chest is flat.” “We talked about that, though. I can get implants…” “No, no. It won’t work.” ̶...

  23. The Breaking Point (Mature)

  24. Poor Ela

    The walls turned a dark grey, as the color was sucked out of the world. Ela squeezed her bed frame. She was not about to have another one of “those” again. “Ela, you silly girl. You can’t hide from me.” Ella lifted up her ...

  25. A Damn Thing (Mature)

  26. As Life Crumbles

    Hearing footsteps down the hall, I slipped into the closet. If he caught me in his study, I would be dead. He opened the door and drunkenly made his way to a chair. Minutes after a slender blonde woman came prancing into the room. “Are you sure ...

  27. The Unfortunate Occurences of Sam Wilderbee (Mature)

  28. Baby Fat? (Mature)

  29. Laughter

    You sat on the edge of your bed, staring down at the dusty floor. It was night time, and as usual, you could not fall asleep. You rocked back and forth waiting for the floor boards to speak to you. You’re favorite song they spoke was that of laug...

  30. Brutally Honest.

    They sat face to face on the couch, staring at each other. “You didn’t lose your virginity to me?” asked Jack. “No, I lost it to Sarah,” replied Margo. “You lost it to Sarah. Who is a girl.” “Yes, Jack.&#...

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