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Upon exiting the supermarket I turned to my brother who was desperately trying to push the rickety-ass cart through the sea of broken glass in the parking lot and said

“We should probably head back to the camp.”
“You think we should grab more shit?” he replied.
“Nah. This will get us to our next store. We got plenty for a while.” I answered

We headed back to camp following the roads less occupied by the undead and populated more by abandoned recks and debris. Of course all was not quiet and I had to put down the occaisional zombie, but nothing pulper couldn’t handle. I started to think of my boy’s; Jameson and Emery. Still so young and not yet realizing what was going on and just how scared they should be. Their mother was handling as best any could hope to handle the zombie apocalypse but seeing as her paranoia included spiders and bugs, “zombies” were now the main antagonist in her deathly plight.

And boy was it getting on my fucking nerves! She had to see I was doing my best to keep them safe but….

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Inspired by

(ka-chunk) BOOM! (ka-chunk) BOOM! The two sounds pulper makes are always welcome ones. Usually it only takes the rack and slide action of my ...

Aisle 6 by Reaver19

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