Alex in Hunterland (part 7)

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The cards stood at attention, forming a path that led to a tree stand covered in camo and bearing a yellow and black checkered flag. He cautiously approached, wondering if the Queen would come down if if she expected he would come up.

The flap opened and a gigantic step ladder was brought to the stand with camo covered steps. A woman in black, protective eyewear, a severe ponytail, and a bandolier filled with yellow ended darts stepped down the ladder rungs forward like stairs. Alex was impressed.

She surveyed him, and for once, he was quiet.
“No shoes, no service!” she screamed.
“Hey, wait a minute. Your poker chips took my shoes!”
“Are you deaf, boy? No shoes. No service.” Hissed the Queen. She sauntered away from him.
“I’m here on business!” he tried, remembering the chip’s words. The Queen spun around and squinted at him.
“Well then. Let’s play.”

A yard decorated with fake ducks and plastic deer greeted them as cards filed away before the Queen.
“Croquet?” he hedged.

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Maybe corn hole would fit better… hm.

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