They Lied

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A query if you will; how a government claims to be searching and testing for the cure-all to the world’s most notorious diseases and in this research they find a new strain of virus that not only reconfigures the molecular structure and blood cells of humans but almost completely heals and or repairs damaged tissue. Quite frankly, they’ve created…for lack of a better term…“God’s Hand”.

Fast forward to a testing facility on a remote and “unknown” island in the Atlantic. Upon this island petry dish they are combining the aforementioned “miracle drug” and a new cure for Alzheimers which as everyone knows is one of the more elusive sicknesses on the planet. Unfortunately human testing has been frowned upon by many liberalist reasons and it’s this reason why the government has chosen the native wildlife and chimpanzees.

(Island testing base, off the coast of eastern U.S.A.
code name: Plum Island)
" Test subject TS-0001/X1, has shown a remarkable acceptance to the drug."

“Moving onto phase two….”

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