Sealed with a Kiss

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Dearest Arnold,
I write to you now knowing you will never read this. I fear that I am unable to let things continue as they are, what with that trollop Maribel putting her nose in my affairs yet again. She thinks that she can use a spell of her own to win your heart from me.

I would not allow it my sweet. For you were far too fair and beautiful and pure to be sullied by the likes of her. But fret not darling, a love as whole as ours cannot be separated by space and time. And as I know your heart longs to be with me, mine longs to be with you. And they shall be, all in due time. For retribution is threefold and tonight I will show her just how real our love is.

Once I am done here, my beautiful morning sunrise, I will again reunite us. A strand of Maribelle’s hair from our pillow, an ounce of her sweat from our sheets, a single tear from your funeral. Tonight she will see. Tonight she will pay for trying to break up a perfect union of body and soul.

Your truest love,

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  1. Avatar Music-Hearted

    Thanks so much for sequeling- and what a dark turn it took! I especially like the mention of “that trollop Maribel”. The last paragraph is especially well written. Nice work!

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